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Meet the heartbeat of O'Doyles Speed Shop - a crew led by Sean and Lizanne, masters in the classic car restoration arena. 


Sean and Lizanne's automotive passion ignited early and has only grown stronger with time. Their story began when they were just 18. Sean, always tinkering with cars on his mum’s driveway, and Lizanne, captivated, watching in awe. Destiny reunited them years later, and in 2003 they married, merging their lives and their dreams. While Sean honed his skills in the motor trade, Lizanne excelled in Financial Services. Driven by a shared vision, they ventured into business together over six years ago, laying the foundation for what would become O'Doyles Speed Shop.


Starting from humble beginnings, Sean and Lizanne have continuously evolved their craft, drawing lessons and inspiration from each classic car they restore. Over the years, they’ve had the honour of working on historic treasures—from icons like the Batmobile and the Ghostbusters' Ecto 1 to the legendary Shelby Mustang from 'Gone in 60 Seconds.' At O'Doyles, history is restored, and dreams are driven, one classic car at a time.

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