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Image by Cayton Heath
O'Doyles Logo Yellow with Black
Classic Pink Coupe de Ville


Since 2003 our talented team has worked hard everyday to provide the best classic car restorations for our clients. With over 30 years experience we offer Classic Car Restoration, MIG & TIG Welding, Metal Fabrication, Custom Paint and Resprays.

Led by Sean & Lizanne, our team has transformed vintage and classic car shells into masterpieces of the road. Witness artistry on wheels as Sean's custom paintwork blends bold creativity with the precision of a legendary artist.



From the sleek lines of American classics to the distinguished elegance of British icons and the unique allure of international marvels, we breathe new life into every vintage and classic car. Feast your eyes on a selection of the timeless beauties we've had the thrill of transforming:

David Mott

In 2021 I bought a part started drag car. I met with the team at O'Doyle's and talked about them completing the build for me, doing the fabrication and paint. I had a vision of how I wanted it to look, in the theme of the old school gasser drag cars. I discussed this with Sean, who had the same vision and gave him full reign to come up with the designs. The finished result is a credit to the team, the paint is just awesome, and the debut in late 2021 at Santa pod went down a storm. I would thoroughly recommend these guys for any work on your classic, hot rod or drag car, from just elements of the build or right up to full custom or restoration.

Andy Rudd

Gave these guys a boot lid which had non stop paint issues until they worked their magic. The end result exceeded my wildest expectations, art work out of this world . Lovely people to deal with.

Chris Burton

Highly recommended. My car was looking quite rough after some structural welding done elsewhere. O'Doyle's straightened everything out and did the extra welding that had been missed. The paintwork was everything I asked for and more as they've managed to make it look like new, but not as if it's just been painted which is what I asked for but didn't think would be possible. Lovely people to deal with too.


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